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Frey Cosmetic


When you think about hair care products, perm chemistry or hair colors, you usually think of big names and big companies based in Hamburg, Berlin or Paris.

If you want salon quality in the comfort of your home, FREY hair shampoo and conditioner is the solution.


FREY products are known for quality, variety, exclusivity and flexibility.

Frey Cosmetic Refill Shampoo Spülung

Source: Frey Costmetic



Anyone who wants to put the world in order starts with themselves at home.


As a start-up with 75 years of experience, we produce innovative, sustainable household cleaning agents and personal care products in Germany and, as a modern omnichannel brand company, go the way to a more sustainable, wonderful world together with our customers.

Source: HAKA

Haka Kunz Refill Waschmittel
FSG Frankonia

FSG Frankonia

We look back on many years of experience in the field of Bath & SPA Cosmetics and always have the future in our eyes.


Only the highest quality raw materials and additives are used for our products. FSG Frankonia always guarantees the best quality.

The products do not contain any animal fats. Likewise, no analysis and tests based on animal studies are carried out.

FSG Frankonia Refill Duschgel

Source: FSG Frankonia

Tante Olga


We're on a mission to embrace living clean, not just clean living.

It's much bigger than washing the dishes or doing the laundry.

It's about making you feel wonderful in your home environment.


Call it harmony, call it feel-good factor, call it whatever you want.

We firmly believe that if you treat your home with all the TLC it deserves, then it'll love you right back.

Ecover Waschmittel

Source: Ecover

Be Green Be Better Shampoo Duschgel

Be Green Be Better

We are Yvonne and Luc, a great team with German-Dutch origins.
We have been at home in the beautiful and mostly sunny Rhineland for many years. We like our world and want it to stay the way it is.

For our kids too! As we go through life curious and cosmopolitan, we have been looking for new ways to live more environmentally friendly over the last few years. Just greener. We want to take responsibility for our environment. Because we believe that everyone can make their contribution.

Source: Be Green Be Better

Be Green Be Better


We produce natural body care without much fuss, because less is more for us.

Fairness is important to us, so the raw materials come from fair trade and organic! We manufacture all of our products in Northern Germany, are vegan, plastic-free and are filled in recycable glass jars and sent to you without packaging.

Our products are all natural products.

They are made in wonderful handicraft and small batches.

Source: Seifendealer

Seifendealer Seife Deocreme Duschzucker
Green Darling Hyaluron Gesichtscreme Serum

Green Darling

As a family company, we want to make the cosmetics industry greener, more sustainable and more socially committed.


Inspire your skin with natural active ingredient cosmetics.


Our products are vegan, dermatologically tested, produced in Germany and have been rated as very good by the cosmetic analysis.


We believe in proven active ingredients and natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation.

Source: Green Darling

Green Darling


All of our products have been carefully selected for you

and we not only pay attention to their origin,

but also to the cultivation and extraction of the raw materials required for them.

With our soaps and bath products, you don't have to do without your usual bathing fun! On the contrary!


Our soaps not only smell heavenly, but also nourish your skin with their particularly exclusive oils and fats and you get a top-class foam experience.

Source: Seifenprinz

Seifenprinz Badebomben
Zhenobya Aleppo Mardin Nablus


Many years ago we set ourselves a goal.

We wanted to bring the art of making soap back into focus.


For this reason, we have been trading traditionally produced Aleppo soap from Syria for many years.

Our Zhenobya Aleppo soap is produced in the traditional way and

consists of 100% natural ingredients

and is not only biodegradable, but also suitable for all skin types.

Source: Zhenobya



The feeling of an invigorating shower after a hard day's work.

The feeling of healthy, soft skin.

The sense of senses stimulated by a delicious, subtle perfume.

In short: the feeling of luxury.

An important part of a healthy lifestyle is relaxation and good care. A moment to gain new energy and enjoy life to the fullest. Claudius allows you such a moment for yourself every day. A moment where relaxation and refreshment meet.

Claudius is a cosmetics care line with style. It stands for quality and high-quality care. 

Source: Claudius



With our accessories,

we present a small but perfectly formed range of high-quality products.

From magnetic soap holders

to different kinds of peeling sponges such as loofah or konjac

to sisal soap sacks and our Habit bottles.

We complement all of your favourite products to extend its longevity.

That way you can enjoy your personal hygiene even longer.

Accessories Accessoires Seifenschale
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