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Dipesh & Nico (Founders)

Nico is from Naila, Germany while Dipesh is from Johannesburg, South Africa. We met in Erlangen and hit it off right then - and have been together ever since. From the get-go, we both have had a passion to travel. With our travels, we have experienced a lack of sustainable boutique soap stores in Germany in comparison to other European cities.

However, it all started with the shampoo getting finished and the question was

What happens to the bottle once I throw it away?"

"How cool would it be if we could refill it or even better not have any plastic bottle to throw!”

The search was on for sustainable alternatives. We searched for green, plastic-free, organic products, found a few options but when we go to a drug store or supermarket they're not on the shelves. That’s where the thought of having green alternatives from already established suppliers came about. The refilling idea however needed further creativity so we searched again and found that there are some solutions in parts of the world but almost nothing in Germany. This is where we said, let's enable the consumer to make their individual impact by introducing a refillable option for Household and Bodycare. This is how Habit was born!


Habit offers an inviting atmosphere with a wide selection of French soaps, handmade soaps, accessories, refillable body care soaps, and refillable household supplies from renowned brands and suppliers.


Meet the Team


Annika Lund Duschfluff Savon de Marseille

I'm Annika, 19 years old and this year I'm completing my high school diploma at the Fachoberschule in Erlangen. In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym and hanging out with my friends. At the beginning of September, I discovered Habit while shopping in Erlangen Arcaden and applied immediately! Since then, I've been working at Habit mainly Saturdays. From day one, I felt very comfortable in and with the team and personally resonate with the entire product range. My favourite is the (Puremetics) Duschfluff Mandelmilch and the delicious french organic soap (Savon de Marseille) Noix de Coco. 


My name is Elif, I am 23 years old and would describe myself as a creative and open person. I love to travel, see the world, experience new cultures, art, music, and theatre. My favourite products from Habit include all (Seifendealer) Nelly Plum fragrance products! Whether body mousse, candle or deo cream, these products are components of my daily use. I am there to guide you together with the rest of the team throughout the week.

Elif Zeyrek Nelly Plum Bodymousse Kerze


Eureka Mbongolo Aktivkohle Savon de Marseille

Salut, my name is Eurêka, I am almost 19 and live in Herzogenaurach. In my free time I enjoy reading books, watch Netflix, meet up with friends and on Sundays go to church. I started working at Habit last Summer and can only say that it’s been nothing but a blessing to me. It is my official first job and I can certainly say I am more than satisfied. The atmosphere is always good, my coworkers are great and we all have so much fun. My favourite product is the (Tante Olga) active coal black soap. I have been using this soap for about three months now (I still have enough), my skin is clearer than ever. I work mainly in the second half of the week.


My name is Evelyn, I am 25 years old and from Canada. I moved to Germany in April 2021 and am currently studying Microbiology. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and learning new things. Habit is my first job in Germany and I love what Habit has created as a concept! I love the bottle refill concept. I especially love the Daily Care Shampoo and the Creme Rinse Conditioner. My hair has become soft and shiny since using the shampoo and conditioner. Come by and try it out, we look forward to seeing you! 

Evelyn Duong Nachfüllen Shampoo Conditioner Spülung
Baggage Bag

There is no typical customer visiting, Habit however appeals to those who wish to make a conscious impact and reduce their plastic footprint. Habit also attracts individuals who are curious to try something new, those who are already loyal to the brands we stock, searching for ecological alternatives to conventional brands, gifting, or simply browsing. From singles to families, Habit strives to accommodate all.

About Habit

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