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This is Habit.

Bodycare and handmade cosmetics 

Innovative and sustainable producers with an ever growing range, all under one roof!

Naturseife und Blumen

Welcome to

Are you looking for revolutionary, ecological products to reduce your footprint but don't know how? Look no further! Habit is an ecological Bodycare and Household store situated in Erlangen Arcaden, a first of its kind, specializing in organic, vegan, and solid soaps, shampoos, bodywash, etc. while introducing a revolutionary refillable product system all under one roof.

plastikfrei einkaufen erlangen


Isn't it frustrating that your shampoo, dishwashing, laundry, etc are all in single use plastic and that you have to throw them away once it's finished?

It can be easily reused, but alas when you go to the store there is no alternative.


How can you reduce your footprint if there is nothing on the shelves? Where do you go, what do you do? 

Have no fear, Habit is your answer!


We cater to the environment and your personal hygiene!

We enable the end of single use plastic by allowing you, the end consumer, to refill body care and household products or simply pick alternatives that are ecological and almost consist of no plastic which means we together contribute less to landfills and make our mark to cleaner oceans.

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Isn’t it time you discover the Habit experience for yourself? 


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